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We are the World Leader in Aerospray® staining technology and cytocentrifugation. The Aerospray technology has earned recognition in providing the world’s best stainer in performance and reliability - proven to elevate laboratories from acceptable to exceptional with increased consistency and efficiency.

In addition, the Aerospray® stainers provide many advantages over hand staining or automated dip type stainers, including: speed, no cross-contamination, consistent performance, economy, ease of use, and traceability.

ELITechGroup offers THE ONLY dual-purpose stainer equipped with staining AND cytocentrifugation capabilities. One instrument efficiently does the work of two stand-alone instruments - maximizing space and eliminating clutter issues at a fraction of the cost.













Aerospray® is the World's Best Stainer in performance and reliability.

ELITechGroup has been in operation for 50+ years and distributes to over 100 countries. Proud to be the World Leader in Aerospray® staining technology and Cytocentrifugation, offering the world's most reliable solutions in performance and reliability, we are confident that this automated technology will elevate the performance of any laboratory and facilitate superior results.

  • Hematology

    The Aerospray® Hematology Stat Slide Stainer / Cytocentrifuge provides water based staining of blood smears and keeps your slide clear of any water soluable materials.

    The Aerospray® Hematology Pro Slide Stainer / Cytocentrifuge, on the other hand, uses methanol based reagents to facilitate enhanced clarity. This stainer is extremely good at staining bone marrow slides.

  • The Aerospray® Gram Slide Stainer / Cytocentrifuge uses the gram differentiation method to facilitate enhanced clarity and debris free slides of pure strain and human specimen smears.

    The Aerospray® TB Slide Stainer / Cytocentrifuge automates the staining of body fluid specimens to facilitate the detection of acid-fast bacili including mycobacterium tuberculosis using either fluorescence or carbol fuchsin staining.

  • The Aerospray® Cytology Stainer / Cytocentrifuge utilizes Papanicolaou staining techniques to automate the preparation and staining of liquid based cytology specimens.


Workflow Solutions

With ELITechGroup's portfolio of products, our expertise can elevate your lab from acceptable to exceptional.

Slide Preparation

The Aerospray® Stainer is THE ONLY dual-purpose instrument equipped with the world’s most advanced cytocentrifuge rotor, Cytopro® Rotor, with five- to nine-fold increase on more cells on a single slide.

Slide Staining

Patented Aerospray® technology provides consistent, reliable, and superior staining results necessary for digital imaging.

Digital Analyzer

When implemented together with supporting applications and software, CellaVision® Digital Cell Analyzers become the engine of an automated and digital workflow for cell morphology, enabling you to work smarter and perform better.

Cell Morphology

CellaVision® leading-edge technology replaces traditional microscopy that automatically locates and captures images of cells resulting in optimized diagnostics.

Aerospray® Stained Slides

  • All
  • Hematology
  • Cytology
  • Microbiology

Hematology Pro

Blood Smear: Rapid Wright Giemsa - 3

Hematology Pro

Blood Smear: Rapid Wright Giemsa - 5

Hematology Pro

Blood Smear: Wright Giemsa - 1

Hematology Pro

Blood Smear: Wright Giemsa - 7


Abnormal Mass of Cells


Buccal Cells


Lung Cells


Sputum Smear


Fluorescent Stain


Fluorescent Stain


Fluorescent Stain


Carbol Fuchsin Stain

Gram Slide

Gram Slide

Gram Slide

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Aerospray® technology eliminate cross-contamination?

    Rather than the traditional method where you use the same reagents to stain multiple slides, the Aerospray® Stainers use patented technology to deliver a fresh coat of stain onto each and every slide. This avoids contact with used reagents and avoids cross-contamination.

  • Because the stainers are all enclosed, they are very easy to clean. With the included cleaning function you can clean the instrument and the slide carousel at the press of a button and everything is drained and contained into the included waste container. Simple preventative maintenance, like running a cleaning cycle, will keep your stainer up and running for whenever you need it.

  • The Aerospray® Stainers offer superior staining flexability. You are able to choose from preset values we have developed with input from external laboratories, as well as create your own staining programs with ratios that you choose. This allows you to use the instrument to stain slides exactly how you want them to look.

  • Each of our stainers has the capability to serve both as a stainer, and as a cytocentrifuge. With the addition of a Cytopro® Rotor, body fluids can be processed in the stainer, making it a dual purpose instrument. This saves the laboratory money and space.

  • With the small footprint they take up in the lab, the Aerospray® Stainers make great back-up instruments for high-throughput laboratories. They can run 30 slides at a time and can help you keep up with demand if your primary staining machine goes down.

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